Legitimate, trust-worthy organizations
Ethical volunteering guidelines


Realistic, budget-friendly program site fees
Zero payments to Therapists Without Borders


Documentation system for care continuity among therapists. Education and training programs provided to local caregivers at each site
Welcome to Therapists Without Borders

Interested in volunteering your physical, occupational, or speech therapy skills abroad to people in need? Join us in making a difference!

Therapists Without Borders is an international, nonprofit organization that empowers people with disabilities around the world through free physical, occupational, and speech therapy services. We connect compassionate, professional volunteer therapists to communities in need.

Whether you are a licensed therapist, an assistant, a student, or a donor interested in contributing to a higher cause, please reach out to us!

Do you want to make a difference? Get involved in our program.

Our Logo Story

Take a look at our logo. Now, look closer. What do you see? A person? We see light. An individual in a wheelchair? We see mobility. A location drop pin? We see movement. We also see transitions, progress, and momentum for volunteers and patients, alike. There’s more to our logo than meets the eye.

The fifth element is one you can’t see: spirit. That’s where you come in. As a therapist, donor, partner, or general supporter, you help us embody and evoke this vital fifth element. Most importantly, you share it with those we reach around the world. Thank you for offering your spirit, and thank you for finding the light in each individual we serve.