Who We Are

Therapists Without Borders in an international, nonprofit organization comprised of compassionate physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists, therapy assistants, and therapy students committed to making a sustainable difference in the lives of those who need therapy abroad.

Our volunteer therapists provide skilled, hands-on therapy services. We also train and educate each site’s local caregivers and therapists.

How We Work

Our focus is on responsibility, affordability, and sustainability.


We vet and collaborate with communities abroad to develop ethical therapy programs that maximize volunteers’ long-term impact. It’s important for us to work with communities that display their own goals of growth and sustainability; demonstrate legal and fiscal responsibility; and most importantly, show compassion and commitment to those in their care.


We challenge you to find a similar volunteer organization that is as affordable as we are. Providing a realistic, economical option for therapists to volunteer was a driving force behind the launch of Therapists Without Borders. We promise to never price gouge you. In fact, we do not collect a single cent from our volunteers!


We have two avenues for achieving sustainability:

Education and training each community’s caregivers and therapists.

Our ultimate goal is to share skills and information with local people who can sustain care. This, in time, will decrease each community’s reliance on volunteers to allow us to move our resources to new places in need.

A documentation system.

Volunteers follow our documentation procedure — the foundation for creating continuity of care among clinicians. Each individual treated will have his or her own plan and functional goal that caregivers can collectively work toward. When one therapist leaves, the next can pick up where he or she left off by reviewing the documentation. These records will also be used to monitor the follow-through and carry-over of on-site caregivers and therapists in between volunteer rotations.

Therapists Without Borders was built with strong ethical considerations in mind. Learn more about our organization’s journey by reading our blog.